Strategic Marketing Management that nurtures growth

Businesses work with us to deliver impactful strategic marketing management services. But we recognise that every business is different and one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we we bring a bespoke approach for every client.


We like to work closely with each senior management team to gain a deeper understanding of every business. That’s because we are passionate about doing the job properly. We focus on business objectives in creating marketing strategies and plans. And so, our marketing is grounded in the right tactics to deliver return on investment for each client.

High performing professionals make up Fruit Marketing. We have decades of senior experience from working with high-profile international blue-chip brands through to local SMEs,

With skills across multiple marketing channels, we are excellent at creating highly effective, integrated marketing plans. If required, we will also delve into our black book of contacts for any additional bespoke skills. This ensures the best solution for each client.


There are no golden ticket solutions and we will not be distracted by the latest fads.

Instead, what we do is to stay on top of the ever-changing marketing landscape, so our clients don’t have to. So, our record of consistently delivering results comes from executing solutions that work for each business. We have a 360 view of marketing, which comes from working across multiple sectors.

We always work with integrity. Which means clients can rely upon us for honest, straightforward advice. Our marketing guidance will always be for the benefit of their business.


Our work is ground in data. So, we work analytically with measurable results. But we also thrive on creativity and innovation. We surprise and delight clients with our fresh approach to make each business brand stand out from the crowd. So, contact us today to discuss outsourced strategic marketing management.

Product & Proposition

Really effective marketing can only come from a deep understanding of a business’s product and proposition. That’s why we work closely with our clients to really get under the skin of each business. We fully explore the marketplace with thorough research, gathering qualitative and quantitative data from each client, their customers and the sectors they operate in. READ MORE

Resources and Infrastructure

We are experts in delivering multi-channel marketing strategies to diverse and to targeted audiences. So, we develop exciting, impactful campaigns that hit the mark, with measurable results that drive growth. But we also understand what it takes to build successful marketing strategies and activation. That means resources and infrastructure. READ MORE

Brand Development

We work collaboratively with businesses on developing a brand vision, position, message, identity and story.  A brand is so much more than a swanky logo and a fancy font. That’s why we take a holistic approach, working closely with clients to ensure their brand accurately reflects and communicates who the business is and what it can do for customers. With Fruit Marketing, you get real expertise in brand development. READ MORE

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

We do not believe in any golden ticket marketing tactic for any business and will not sell our services as such. And so don’t expect any simple quick fix solutions from us.  Instead, we will work with you to develop multi-channel integrated campaigns and activities to nurture people on the customer journey from prospects to leads to conversions to retained loyal customers. READ MORE