Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Properly Planned Campaigns

We do not believe in any golden ticket marketing tactic for any business and will not sell our services as such. And so don’t expect any simple quick fix solutions from us.  Instead, we will work with you to develop multi-channel integrated campaigns and activities to nurture people on the customer journey from prospects to leads to conversions to retained loyal customers.

What we do is to employ tactics that are right for your business. This means developing strategic plans to integrate marketing and communications activities. Which means that there is a co-ordinated and consistent experience for target audiences.

Multiple Platforms

There are an estimated 6-8 touchpoints required before a purchase decision is made. So, we target prospective customers on multiple platforms to generate leads, reaching the eyeballs you want to reach to influence decision making. We have the skills and knowledge to activate plans across paid media, including advertising, direct marketing, search marketing and display marketing.  And we can also utilise earned media, including content marketing, PR and influencer marketing. Plus, we will also leverage the power of your owned media, including social media platforms, email marketing, partnership marketing and website marketing.

But we recognise that one size doesn’t ft all. Any integrated campaigns that we build for any client are completely bespoke. We understand that no business is the same. Therefore, no marketing strategy should be the same.

Bespoke Solutions

We put together integrated marketing campaigns that are right for each business. What we will do is draw from our range of expertise across multiple platforms to create campaigns that work for the clients and for business growth. Whether it is B2C or B2B, we are equally comfortable developing integrated campaigns to target trade or consumer audiences. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and how we can deliver integrated marketing campaigns that meet your business objectives.

Case Study – Turtle Tots

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