Product & Proposition

Understanding Each Business

Really effective marketing can only come from a deep understanding of a business’s product and proposition. That’s why we work closely with our clients to really get under the skin of each business. We fully explore the marketplace with thorough research, gathering qualitative and quantitative data from each client, their customers and the sectors they operate in.

So, we look at the wider picture, tackling the bigger considerations with SWOT analysis and PESTLE assessments to fully understand each business’s existing position in the marketplace. Plus its potential for growth and development. And we properly assess product, price, promotion, people, process, positioning, processes, physical presence, partnerships and packaging. This gives us a detailed understanding of each business. So, our advice is always business first. And so are our marketing tactics.

Objective Advice

But if we think you need to make changes to your product to give you the best chance of meeting business objectives, we will give you honest advice and tell you so. That’s why we never shy away from a difficult conversation. Clients know that our guidance is always about maximising each business’s potential first and foremost.

Getting the Proposition Right

Once we have a detailed knowledge of each client’s business and its product, we collaborate closely to ensure the value proposition is properly constructed and articulated. So, we work to ensure the product attracts the target market. Then, the product is positioned it as valuable to the consumer. We work to develop a unique selling point that elevates it above the offerings from direct competitors.

Cutting Through, Customer-Focussed

Of course, the marketplace is noisy across multiple sectors. And so, each client needs a clear proposition that cuts through the noise. We work with clients to develop concise and impactful messaging, premium imagery and design to influence the decision-making of customers.

By considering the purchase from a customer perspective, we are ever mindful of the customer journey from prospecting to conversion and retention. We help clients develop the customer touchpoints. This is so that clients have the right message reaching the right people at the right time on the right channels. This way, we can confidently attain the right results.

Case study – SeaSports Southwest