Most SMEs wouldn’t think twice about seeking an accountancy to manage finances, or external HR support or even IT. But there is greater hesitancy over outsourcing marketing. Why? More than most areas of a business it is fast moving and ever changing.

An Indispensable Service

It needs a professional approach and people who work across marketing and communications day in, day out to deliver best practice for each business. Marketing is critical for any business. It’s the vehicle for sharing your products and goods with your target markets in a strategic, purpose-led way. Marketing is the shop window to any business. It attracts the attention of potential customers and persuades them to purchase your products or services. Marketing is the indispensable voice of your business.

Costs Savings

By taking on a Marketing Manager, a business can face an average annual salary of £35,000. And that doesn’t take into recruitment costs, pension or National Insurance contributions, overheads, employee benefits or any other staff-related costs. All taken in, that can cost and SME up to £50,000 per year. That’s quite a commitment. And for one person, when marketing requires a wide skill set.

Wider Expertise

So why not outsource marketing? Fruit Marketing tailors our offer for each business, after all no business is the same. We offer strategic and operational support. And with four senior professionals, any SME who worked with us, gets the expertise of the whole team.

Business Efficiency

Business owners who outsource can be freed up to do what they so best – run their business. By choosing to outsource professional services like marketing, they can tap into existing knowledge and expertise from professionals, rather than spend time and money on training staff. Outsourcing is scalable and flexible, SMEs can pay for what they need, rather than having a full-time commitment to an employee. It’s cost efficient, without the overheads of staff. Finally, it can also be a great experience having an external voice as part of the strategic thinking. It allows business owners to have a sounding board to offer honest, professional input from outside the office bubble.

13th January 2022 - Jo Wood